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I just discovered this community and promptly fell in loved. Thank you for being here!

This is a smattering of Personal Canon about Spontaneous Cellular Regeneration. Claire's ability is so weird; I really needed to define it in my head and thought I might as well inflict my insanity on others. I've included a moment for Monica, because she is so much cooler than the writers realize.

*sticks fingers in ears* IT'S ALL TRUE, DAMMNIT!

1. Damaged healed is damaged erased; the body retains no memory of injuries fixed or decay prevented. (Otherwise, Peter should be a blob of cancerous, radioactive waste. Right?) Therefore, Adam Monroe DID NOT instantly dissolve into dust when Arthur took his power. Instead, Arthur shoved a scapel into Adam’s carotid artery. Messy, but quick and satisfying.

2. No one tells Claire about Adam Monroe’s immortality. In fact, no one even mentions his name in front of her. They are terrified that it will send her over the deep end.

3. Actually, no one talks about Adam until Peter gets his full powers back. He finally realizes that with Claire’s power, he is like Adam…which means Claire is like Adam. (Peter is not too bright, sometimes). Noah and Angela argue like hell—she’s still too immature, she won’t understand, wait a few more years—but Peter knows she needs the truth.

4. Claire kind of understood she couldn’t die, but when she hears the 400 years part she does, indeed, go over the deep end. For a week. Then she gets better.

5. There is a time limit on cellular regeneration. While the brain stem is stabbed, the body tissues decay at the normal rate. After a week of brain stem degradation, there is nothing left to stimulate regeneration. As a corollary, long periods of “death” result in memory loss and—possibly—mental retardation (hee!).

6. Lyle Bennet doesn’t have an ability, but he has an IQ higher than Mohinder. As Claire puts it in later years, “He’s scary-smart.” No one had a clue until his Costa Verde teachers tried to put him in their Gifted and Talented Program. Noah whined about Laying Low, but Sandra put her foot down.

7. At Claire’s request, Lyle secretly develops a gene therapy for her ability. He gives her the method and formulas for her 60th birthday, and destroys all other records. Claire takes it, becoming Bad Ass Normal, and passes the information on to another regenerator. She begins aging at a normal rate, and dies peacefully at 130 years old.

And, Monica:

8. After seeing Save the Last Dance on a movie night with her friends, Monica has a brainwave. She tries ballet for a week. The instructors are cautiously encouraging, but the limits of her ability become clear when she tries toe shoes—she simply doesn’t have the strength yet. Also, it all hurts like hell and it becomes clear that ballet never stops hurting. On a tip from a sympathetic classmate, she auditions for a touring production of Cats. It is a perfect fit.

Let me know if there are formatting issues or something!


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Mar. 4th, 2009 01:46 am (UTC)
But what I want to know is this: HOW DOES CLAIRE CHANGE HER EARRINGS.
Mar. 4th, 2009 01:59 am (UTC)
*is shamed* I never in a million years would have thought of that.

Maybe she stole a piercing gun from the mall? And uses it every morning?

Maybe when she was 12 and Sandra finally relented, Noah secretly made the Haitian tail them at the mall, and sleep in the basement for the next two weeks? D:
Mar. 4th, 2009 03:34 am (UTC)
I vaguely remember reading a fic where she goes to get her tongue pierced, realizes before going through with it that she can't have a non-special do it, and ends up going to Elle.
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