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Jan. 20th, 2009

In the virus timeline that never happened, Claire ended up making a living selling healthy organs to those that could afford them. What? She grew them right back. No big deal.
Just a few points to consider here.

1. Jennifer Connelly should play Sylar's mummy. The sybrows give you away, Jen-Con. Don't try to hide it.

2. Heidi is a stress baker. Right before she left Nathan to go to Nantucket, he came to the Manor to find a kitchen filled with cupcakes and brownies. That's when he knew that serious shit was about to go down.


This isn't so much my personal canon as much as I need help and thoughts from you guys.

What do the boys (as in Monty and Simon) call Angela? Since Claire didn't grow up with her, she just calls her "Angela" or "my grandmother." But what do the boys call her? Do they call her "Grandma"? "Nana"? "Gran"? "Grams"? "Gamma"? Or the formal "Grandmother"?

I'm leaning toward Nana, for some reason. But Arthur was Grandpa.
Bryan Fuller is a long-lost Petrelli brother.

Nov. 29th, 2008

Hey, I just stumbled upon this community. Just wanna say that it's gorram amazing!

So here's some of my own stuff to add to the mix, mostly regarding various character's pasts, first time so I'd love some feedback:

West, Peter, Claude, and GabrielCollapse )

Nov. 19th, 2008

Gabriel Gray is a Mets fan, but Sylar roots for the Yankees.

An angel with a broken watch?

What Elle thought was seduction was a little off. Gabriel was not in love with Elle, but rather under the impression that he was gaining an excellent and loyal fag hag. Who would bake him stuff and go to poetry readings with him and introduce him to cute emo boys. Sweet!

Crack facts.

 I have the theory that there are not plot holes, you only have to think about them hard enough( and have a lot of imagination)

For example.

-          Nathan hasn’t been wondering about Heidi and the kids because he actually FORGOT ABOUT THEM. Everybody did. Heidi is not stupid and after the events of season two she investigated the company. Who she meet? The Haitian. He help her to find a lot of information about his family-in-law and she wisely decided that she and her kids where better off without them. Her new friend/lover helped her.


If somebody have a crack theory to share or want some explanation of some plot hole, he could post it here and I will try to came up with something( Or other people with better crack!brains). We even could make a game of it. The bizarre the better.

Around 1982, when Matt was 13, the Company started pressuring Maury Parkman to bring his son in for "testing." (They had done so in the past, of course, but not in earnest.) When Maury kept refusing, saying they could take him if he manifested and not a second sooner, they gave him an ultimatum: either Maury would leave his family for good, or they would take Matt by force.

Maury considers this the one good thing he ever did by his son. (It's not far from the truth.)

Coincidentally -- or perhaps not -- Matt began to manifest and was brought in for testing shortly after Maury escaped the Company.


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