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It's All In Our Heads
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Personal Canon for Heroes
What is personal canon, you ask? It's ideas you have about the characters, what they think and what they've done, that, while not explicitly defined by actual canon, still fit within its bounds. For example, Sylar loves chocolate milk because it was banned in his home as a child, or Peter's favorite place in the world was the Met for a week when he was five, or the first thing DL did when he got out of prison was buy a package of wafers at a convenience store.

So, the basic premise of the community is to have fun and make up pretty stories about our favorite characters that may or may not be complete crack. This is personal canon, so it's also personal preference. Anyone can believe what they want to about Heroes and its characters. In the interest of having some semblance of sanity around here, we've established a couple of rules:

1. Though the personal canon can be in any form you like, please keep it relatively short and readable; lists, paragraphs, drabbles and the like are accepted, but no full-length fanfiction.
2. No flaming (this one's obvious, guys).
3. Put pictures and NC-17 material under a cut.
4. If your personal canon relates to a recent episode, please cut for spoilers until a week after that episode has aired.
5. Please tag your entries.
6. Don't disable comments on your post.