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The French Connection

It's always been a part of my cracktacular personal canon that Elle's unknown mother is French-Canadian, and Elle grew up in Québec.

Evidence?Collapse )


i liek crack.

Noah Bennet and Lorelai Gilmore star in a reality sitcom called "Amazing Race: The Most Badass Parents Edition." They get disqualified when they sleep together and HRG gets the Haitain to mind wipe Lorelai of their passionate night. Silly Bennet, she wants to remember you!
HRG almost kidnaps Luke's nephew. "For the last time man, my name is Jess."


Rather than being put on a bus, Molly, Micah, Monica, Maya, and all those other characters we don't see enough of have not been put on a bus. They're the Deus ex Machina; they're the ones that are going to save the world, because everyone else is too busy running circles around each other to even try.
I just discovered this community and promptly fell in loved. Thank you for being here!

This is a smattering of Personal Canon about Spontaneous Cellular Regeneration. Claire's ability is so weird; I really needed to define it in my head and thought I might as well inflict my insanity on others. I've included a moment for Monica, because she is so much cooler than the writers realize.

*sticks fingers in ears* ITS ALL TRUE!Collapse )
Okey-dokey, I just found this community, and I think it's awesome.  Here's some of my personal Claude canon:

All his favorites, or at least what I think they are.Collapse )
Hopefully they'll get more creative as I go along.

Buncha Claude for his birthday!

OK. Heroes Wiki says Claude's birthday is February 2 (he's 45!), I bring you some facts about Claude.

  • After leaving the Company but before meeting Peter, he moved around a lot. Among the cities he stayed in were:
    • Oklahoma City (which he hated, but had to stay there while he recuperated from his gunshot wounds)

    • Los Angeles (which he got to by hiding in the backseat of a car that despite being unlocked was full of luggage and seeing where it took him)

    • Sydney (which he left because, it turns out, invisibility doesn't prevent sunburn and sunscreen doesn't work when the person wearing it is invisible)

    • Tokyo (hey, he already knew the language. He's not that great a speaker, but he can generally understand what people are saying.)

    • London

    • New York (duh. He did love hiding in plain "sight," though.)

  • In all these travels, he only took an airplane once, on the LA to Sydney leg. He spent the entire 14 hours of the flight in one of the lavatories, which was conveniently out of order. He's not claustrophobic, but all the same he hates small spaces now. For all his other journeys, he stowed away on boats and trains.

  • On the love/hate Marmite/Vegemite debate, he falls squarely on the "hate" side. The smell of the stuff makes him gag. (He found this out when someone opened a container of it near him and he had to run to avoid being found.)

  • His favorite food: Beef stew.

  • He never told the Company his real name, but he knew they knew it anyway.

  • He absolutely hates the rain because it's much harder to stay invisible when there are puddles everywhere and people can track you by seeing where the rain isn't.

  • Most things he needed while in hiding, he took. When it came to food for the pigeons, though, he left payment in an envelope under the desk. It wasn't the birds' fault he was a fugitive, after all. (Of course, it was stolen money, but that's not the point.)

There might be more later, but I have to run off and go to work right now.


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